• manufacturing
  • UCSF 3D Printing Face Shields

    UCSF is one of many universities taking on the challenge of producing much-needed shields and other personal protective equipment. The team is using the school’s 3D printing infrastructure to produce 300 shields per day, while sharing their procedures with anyone who wants to print them on their own machine.

  • learning
  • The Future of Flight (Sim)

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Have you been following the recent evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator? Here’s the latest! After the end of a five year breakup, which saw the tech behind the outdated software sold off to Lockheed-Martin as a training tool, a special team at Microsoft has taken on reinventing the once-dominant simulator. It’s development was kept completely […]

  • sci-fi
  • Space Concrete

    Nasa’s ‘Microgravity Investigation of Cement Solidification (MICS) Project’ is exploring the results of mixing concrete in space. Concrete could be a very useful tool in building habitats and structures to protect against meteorites and cosmic radiation. But until now, we have not had useful data on the strength of the material when mixed in micro-gravity.