dVERB studio specializes in product development, brand and business consulting. Our team members have lead efforts in Electronics, Furniture, Consumer Product, Fashion, Beverage, Aviation, Travel and Hospitality industries, for business leaders and Fortune 500 companies including, Nordstrom, Boeing, Target, Panasonic, Delta, Anheuser-Busch, Hilton, and Air Canada. We love working with start-ups and mom-and-pops too!

Corner Market at Pike Place - Vintage

For the last six years, dVERB Studio has been based in the heart of Seattle’s Historic Pike Place Market. While we have recently shifted to working from home, we hope to return to the office soon. With a small team of talented design disciples, and a strong network of industry partners, we ramp up as needed, to keep your costs down, while providing you the right talent at the right time. Our home base is the Pacific Northwest. But we happily work with clients nationally and abroad, from North and Central America, to the Philippines, Singapore, and China.

dVERB collaborates with the Industrial Designers Society of America to support the design community, through education, networking and outreach. Henry Hiltner runs dVERB Studio in Seattle, and is IDSA West District Representative. 

We are always interested to see what people are working on, and provide assistance. We have the experience and capabilities to handle any size project, from mass-production and enterprise, to your weekend Kickstarter project.

If you have a big design project on the horizon, or you just need some quick help getting your shit together, send us an email at We would love to hear from you.     |     LinkedIn