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  • UCSF 3D Printing Face Shields

    UCSF is one of many universities taking on the challenge of producing much-needed shields and other personal protective equipment. The team is using the school’s 3D printing infrastructure to produce 300 shields per day, while sharing their procedures with anyone who wants to print them on their own machine.

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  • Canon 120MP Video

    Canon has been long working on a video camera that records at 60x full HD video. The sensor is slightly bigger than the APS-C, found in most DSLRs, but smaller than full-frame. This means fitting it in a consumer product, is a matter of when, not if. However processing these images in-camera will be no small feat, […]

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  • Evolve to Advance 3D Printing

    With little post-processing required, Evolve part finish will rival injection molding at lower costs than current additive processes. This will be ideal for runs of 5,00 to 20,000. Unlike most current processes, the materials available will be standard injection materials, not requiring compromise to meet process. Evolve are nearing commercial production.

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  • Massive E-Waste

    How Can Product Designers Help Solve The World’s Massive E-Waste Problem? “I think that’s what strikes me most from running a design agency. I know how sophisticated production methods are. I know how sophisticated clients are to bring things to market, but once we get to this end of market, it’s a different world.”

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  • Gillis Lundgren, RIP

    Gillis Lundgren, IKEA’s fourth employee, who helped invent flat-pack furniture, has died at 86. Three years into his post at IKEA, inspiration struck when he detached the legs of a table (reports differ as to whether he unscrewed them or sawed them off) to fit it into his car. They recently reissued the table that started it […]