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  • Core77 Design Awards

    The final deadline for entering the 2016 Core77 Design Awards is tomorrow. If you don’t know about the C77DA, you may be too late to enter this year. But you should follow the progress, as the best of design is selected across 14 categories.

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  • Massive E-Waste

    How Can Product Designers Help Solve The World’s Massive E-Waste Problem? “I think that’s what strikes me most from running a design agency. I know how sophisticated production methods are. I know how sophisticated clients are to bring things to market, but once we get to this end of market, it’s a different world.”

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  • Gillis Lundgren, RIP

    Gillis Lundgren, IKEA’s fourth employee, who helped invent flat-pack furniture, has died at 86. Three years into his post at IKEA, inspiration struck when he detached the legs of a table (reports differ as to whether he unscrewed them or sawed them off) to fit it into his car. They recently reissued the table that started it […]