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  • The Future of Flight (Sim)

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Have you been following the recent evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator? Here’s the latest! After the end of a five year breakup, which saw the tech behind the outdated software sold off to Lockheed-Martin as a training tool, a special team at Microsoft has taken on reinventing the once-dominant simulator. It’s development was kept completely […]

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  • IDSA Sip & Sketch is Back!

    Last month IDSA NW held two Sip & Sketch events with a prompt to “Hack the Giving System!” This was in preparation for the IMVISIBLE Design Challenge hosted by the Northwest Chapter of the Industrial Design Society of America for Seattle Design Festival, which kicks off this weekend. Keep an eye out for more to […]

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  • IDSA Northwest Student Merit Awards

    This Saturday, IDSA Northwest brought together a panel of seven senior Industrial Design leaders for unbiased assessment of students from University of Washington and Western Washington University’s ID programs. This Northwest selection process sends one senior from each school to compete at the District level, and be honored at the National Conference.